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"Our team at Face Communications exist to help, support and encourage all our fantastic customers with their responsibility to produce print, design and all other marketing assets for their company"
Andy Pert - Managing Director
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"Exciting time to be in the graphics industry"

This is without doubt, the most exciting time to be in the graphics industry! The printed word is as effective now as it has ever been in communicating with your target audience. The carefully crafted, uniquely designed and beautifully printed piece of marketing literature cuts through the “white-noise” of email and digital marketing to speak directly to your customer.

In this hi-tech, digitised, virtual world, people have a greater emotional attachment to a physical piece of marketing than the virtual...print is here to stay and we are massively excited to be in such a dynamic industry.

Call Fran our inspirational designer on 01438 745050 to discuss how to super-charge your design.

Contact Our Experts 01438 745050
We really enjoy working with the team at Face, they respond very quickly to our enquiries and changing specifications, are always available to discuss projects, are very calm under pressure and we trust them
Debbie Drake, Associate Director, KSS Design Group
Face Communications have been a supplier to the NHS Freedoms Shop for 6 years. With Face you get value for money, expert advice, support and above all work completed to a high calibre and within our very tight deadlines.
Tanya Percy, Service Manager Freedoms Shop, NHS

We won’t let you down

Deadlines vary between tight, extremely tight and even same-day on occasions but with our experience, expertise and our commitment to you, we will not let you down. We stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our brilliant customers, supporting, helping, advising, suggesting and taking the strain of delivering your marketing collateral within your tight deadlines.

Call Andy on 01438 745050 to discuss how your literature will stand out from the crowd.

Contact Our Experts 01438 745050
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