The Font of all Knowledge

Published: Nov 07, 2017

The font of all knowledge

Fonts play an important role in how your print and marketing are perceived by your target audience. In-fact, fonts have shapes all of their own and are as important as the other graphics you use within your piece of marketing. As we have previously discussed, the affect of different shapes and indeed fonts, have different psychological meanings to us all and this is why the use of different fonts can evoke and suggest particular feelings, emotions and concepts.

How people respond to fonts:


Serif fonts are traditional, stable and respectable. They have a distinguished feel that evokes a sense of pedigree and heritage. They give the sense of a reliable, comfortable brand that’s stable and reputable.

Sans serif

Sans serif fonts are straightforward, simple, and sensible. These fonts are perceived as simplistic, clean and modern. Your message speaks for itself in a sans serif font, without the need to hide behind a façade. They are seen to be current and contemporary.


Script fonts are feminine, fancy and personal. They evoke feelings of grace, elegance and femininity. They carry the affectionate nature of handwriting and are perceived to be creative but also personal, heartfelt and genuine.


Display fonts are quirky, friendly and unconventional. They are generally displayed in larger sizes and are bold, giving the impression of a bright, big personality that draws in readers. Display fonts can be a little loud, so they’re generally used for amusing and friendly purposes and to arouse curiosity.

The font of all knowledge?...well, hopefully some useful information for you to use in your marketing.

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