Don't be a square!

Published: Oct 25, 2017

Don’t be a square, think outside the box and consider how shapes could affect the way your target audience respond to your design, print and graphics

The affect of different shapes, have different psychological meanings to us all. Now, while I’m no psychologist this is something to consider when designing for your printed marketing material for your target audience.

Circular shapes

The curved lines of circular shapes are generally perceived to be feminine. They evoke feelings of warmth, tenderness, love, affection, care, friendship, compassion, comfort and support.

Squares and rectangles

The expression ‘think outside the box’ means thinking unconventionally, hence boxes represent the status quo: familiarity, reliability. Angular shapes also evoke feelings of stability, strength, balance, power and dependability.


The triangle is considered a masculine shape associated with power, energy, balance, science, law and religion.

Vertical lines and shapes

Shapes and lines that are vertical convey a strong sense of masculinity, power, strength, courage, aggression, dominance and brutality.

Horizontal lines and shapes

Conversely, horizontal shapes and lines convey a strong sense of femininity, calm, tranquillity, peace, rest, silence, weakness and stillness.

What do you think?

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