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Published: Oct 30, 2017

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We are bombarded with so much information on a daily basis that it can be hard to stand out from the crowd, but if you’re going to design a poster, for example, that’s exactly what you need to do. Your poster needs to be eye-catching and informative, and be able to catch the eye of your target audience

If you want to design the perfect poster, we have a few hints and tips to help you.


If in doubt, keep it simple. Two or three colours that work well together and don’t clash are preferable to a whole rainbow of colours that will look too busy. Don’t make your poster hard to read by using light colours on a dark background. Dark text on a light background is preferable. Also be mindful of those who are colour blind and struggle when distinguishing red from green by not putting those colours next to each other.


Use graphics to their full effect. Too much text on a poster can seem daunting and could put people of reading it, graphics will often stick in the memory of the viewer. If it’s possible to represent text with a graphic, try it instead.

White space

Don’t cram too much information into the space you have. Make sure there is plenty of space around graphics and text to make it easy to read. This also makes it kinder on the eyes and helps viewers to understand the message you’re aiming to put across with your poster.

By using well chosen colours, graphics instead of text and proportionate amounts of space then you’ll go some way in translating your message to your potential customers...Good luck!

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